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Line of Credit

Your solid credit history is finally paying off.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have the money you need at precisely the time you need it? An open-end line of credit from INOVA FCU gives you just that. This pre-approved, easily accessible line of credit is available with one phone call. And the best part—it doesn’t require any other collateral than your signature.


  • You must complete a current loan application.
  • You must meet our policy guidelines regarding consumer debt ratio (CDR), credit history and income.

Benefits to You:

  • Your line of credit is pre-approved and can be easily accessed with a phone call to a member service rep or the automated Tellerphone system.
  • You’ll enjoy competitive interest rates, no loan fees and no prepayment penalties. That way you can pay your loan off early if you choose and pay interest only up to the time you borrowed.
  • You can borrow from your line of credit for a variety of purposes including taxes, vehicles, furniture, home improvement, etc.
  • You’ll get increased peace of mind knowing your line of credit can also be used as overdraft protection on your checking account.