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Prior to Searching for a Job please review our Dress Code Policy

Because INOVA Federal Credit Union must convey trust and integrity to our members we have developed a dress code which is conservative and professional. A professional image helps express to our members that INOVA is a safe and secure environment in which our members can feel confident that all their financial resources are met.

INOVA Federal Credit Union requires all employees to present a professional image to the public. Accordingly, each employee is required to wear appropriate business attire while at the office and when conducting INOVA FCU business. While there are many trendy fashions available, many of these are not appropriate for our work environment.



As with all of your duties and responsibilities as an INOVA FCU employee, you are expected to demonstrate professionalism and good judgment at all times related to your appearance. For this reason, if you are ever in doubt about the appropriateness of your appearance, please keep in mind that anything that could be considered distracting or not presenting the right professional image will not be permitted.


For security reasons all employees are required to wear a company issued name tag or ID badge. ID badges should be worn on an approved INOVA FCU lanyard, or clipped to your clothing. Nametags/ID badges should be visible at all times.


Intentional body alteration or modification for the purpose of achieving a visible, physical effect that disfigures, deforms or similarly detracts from professional image is prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to: visible tattoos, brands, body piercing (other than traditional ear piercing for women), tongue piercing or splitting, tooth filing, earlobe expansion and disfiguring skin implants.

Tattoos must be discreetly and completely covered at all times. Jewelry, spacers, retainers, or plugs are not permitted in any body piercing while working. Tattoos and body piercing may not be visible at any time, other than traditional ear piercing for women (not to exceed two piercing per ear). Tongue piercings are not permitted, although they may not be seen. Earrings of any type are not acceptable for men.


A professional appearance is encouraged. Grooming is essential for the overall professional appearance of all employees. Make-up must appear professional and natural and should be conservative in styles and colors. Men and Women’s hair shall be styled and worn so that their eyes are visible. Excessive or distracting make-up or hair color is not permitted. Hair colors must be of natural tones. Two-tone hair and non-natural colors such as purple, green, etc are distracting and a violation of the dress code.


Employees are required to wear appropriate undergarments at all times. Undergarments should not be visible at any time. Male employees: When a shirt and tie are worn, the shirt must be buttoned all of the way, including the top button. Men are encouraged to wear white tee-shirts under their dress shirts. Shirts that are thin / see through require a white tee shirt to be worn underneath.


Due to close contact with members and fellow employees, regular bathing; clean, neat hair; and the use of an antiperspirant or deodorant are required. For the same reasons, the use of strong, heavy scents and fragrances is not permitted.


Traditional Business attire is defined as clothing that is neat, clean, ironed if necessary tailored and conservative. Any clothing item can be worn in a manner which makes it inappropriate for the workplace, for example, if it is tight, stained, torn, worn-out, faded, sloppy or mismatched. Regardless of your department, all attire will be worn in a businesslike manner. Professional Business Attire is required Monday – Thursday. INOVA FCU has designated Fridays and Saturdays as INOVA Wear (Business Casual) days. Those choosing not to wear INOVA Wear or Business Casual Attire on the approved days must wear Professional business attire.



Suits, Blazers, & Slacks: Suits are preferred, however slacks worn with a blazer are acceptable provided they are clean and wrinkle free. Neckties are required as stated below and jackets should be worn during business hours (exceptions are made for periods in which the individual is working alone and exclusively within their office space). Sweaters and vests may be worn under the jacket.

Shirts: Long Sleeve Dress shirts and ties are preferred; however, mock turtlenecks may be worn under the jacket. When a shirt and tie are worn, the shirt must be buttoned all of the way, including the top button. Men are encouraged to wear white tee-shirts under their dress shirts. Shirts that are thin / see through require a white tee shirt to be worn underneath. Dress shirts without collars and casual shirts are unacceptable.

Footwear: Footwear must be in good condition and look polished or shined. Dress shoes are preferred; loafers and dress boots are acceptable.


Suits, Dresses & Skirts: Business suits are preferred, dresses and skirts are acceptable. The acceptable dress and skirt length is to be no higher than three inches above the knee. Wide Legged Crops or Dress Capris are acceptable providing they project a professional image and could not be mistaken as shorts. They MUST be worn at all times with a Suit Jacket.

Shirts: Blouses with blazers or jackets “dressy" vests and sweaters are acceptable. All shirts designed to be tucked in must be worn tucked in. If the shirts are straight edged with a hem they will be allowed to be worn out. Sleeveless shirts can be worn providing they are two inches wide across the shoulders. Please take into consideration that some attire is see-through and an appropriate undergarment is necessary.

Footwear: Footwear must be in good condition and look polished or shined. Flats, high heels, dress boots and open-toe dress shoes are acceptable as long as they have a strap across the back of the heel.


  • Clothing that is unnecessarily revealing due to the type of material, the fit or the cut being too low. Clothing should not be tight or form-fitting.
  • Inappropriate pants include: Jeans (Unless approved by CEO), shorts, 'skorts', cargo style pants, LYCRA® or legging style stretch pants or pants with the pockets sewn or stitched on the outside.
  • Inappropriate shirts include: Tee shirts, tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti strap shirts, midriff tops, sheer clothing or garments that are unnecessarily revealing.
  • Sun dresses and jumpers are unacceptable.

Inappropriate shoes include: canvas style shoes, flip flops, hiking boots, hiking shoes, combat style boots or shoes, work style boots or shoes (unless required within the Maintenance Department), tennis shoes, and strapless open heel shoes. Temporary exceptions may be made if an employee has a medical excuse from their Doctor for a specific type of footwear due to injury


I acknowledge that INOVA Federal Credit Union is a traditional business dress culture. I am willing to abide by this dress code if I become a INOVA FCU employee.

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